8th Global Biodiesel Focus 2021

2-3,December|Guangzhou, China

Conference background

In the future, global biodiesel consumption will increase by 7%, and Indonesia will account for 2/3 of the total growth. In the near future, Congo (Brazzaville) and Italy Eni have reached a biodiesel cooperation; the Malaysian government plans to expand palm oil-containing biofuels by 2025 Up to B30; Germany will stop using palm oil to produce biofuels in 2023; Argentina may appeal to the WTO’s “dual anti-dumping” sanctions; LG Chem will build its first HVO plant in South Korea; EU will extend U.S. biodiesel tariffs for 5 years; China On the one hand-Rizhao Port exported biodiesel for the first time; COFCO International started the construction of a biodiesel transportation pipeline in Brazil; how can China, as a major exporter in Europe in the future, seize the opportunity? The epidemic is repeated and prices are expected to rise sharply. How to deal with the bottleneck of raw materials? How can international cooperation promote the steady development of the biodiesel industry? On December 2-3, E-Trade sincerely invites colleagues from the global biodiesel industry to gather at the 8th Global Biodiesel Focus, face the opportunities and challenges, and discuss the development plan of the industry.

Conference features:

1) 200+ professionals in the biodiesel industry at home and abroad discuss opportunities and challenges

2) The shortage of raw materials meets the bottleneck and the cost rises, how to ensure continuous profitability

3) Annual market analysis and import and export policy interpretation of major biodiesel production areas in the world

4) Process upgrading and transformation boost the development of biodiesel industry

5) The impact of the state's power curtailment policy on the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain